Cool Tech Plus              

                            Information Technology Services                 


Information Technology with a purpose. Cool Tech Plus allows small to medium businesses the flexibility to focus on their core business. Cool Tech Plus will do the rest by resolving any issues in the following aspects of Information Technology.

I.       Stabilizing the Networking Environment

  1. Evaluate the networking environment with internal and external assessments.
  2. Provide a custom solution to promote network stability and uptime.
  3. Recommend and incorporate hardware upgrades or needed add-ons.
  4. Prepare the network for controlled growth and changes.
  5. Recommend needed security or software enhancements.
  6. Incorporate vendor “Best Practices” for backup solutions, email, file, print and specialized (proprietary) software products.
  7. Cool Tech Plus will prepare a client network to become Stable, Manageable and Scalable.


II.    Standardizing the Environment

A.     Cool Tech Plus recommends standardizing on one vendor for servers, desktops and laptop hardware. We can and will help you with vendor warranties.

B.     Cool Tech Plus recommends standardizing your software products and

licensing. All software vendors will provide maintenance for production software.

C.     Cool Tech Plus will supply Project Management support with any sized project.

D.     Cool Tech Plus will provide help, support, planning and implementation support with any type of computer or server rollout.

E.      Items in section I and section II help to prepare an environment to become Standardized, Manageable and Scalable.


III.  Providing ongoing Maintenance Services

  1. Server administration, maintenance and upkeep.
  2. Exchange administration.
  3. Backup solutions administration.
  4. Helpdesk and desktop support solutions.
  5. All aspects of troubleshooting.
  6. Remote and onsite support.
  7. VPN solutions provided via vendor based software products.